September Freebies I

It’s been awhile since my last post, my laziness stopped me from writing and taking some pictures of beautiful things I got in the mail. But today is a different day and I want to share some freebies I got,  from my favorite shoe store DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse and one giveaway I won from one of my favorite nail polish brands Essie.

I love to participate in contest/giveaways, so from time to time get lucky and win some really cool stuff from blogs giveaways their own or sponsored.

Here I have some pictures:



DSW Candle Lab

This is a gift from DSW from a Frenzy exclusive for premier members. You can sign up to their rewards program here and you can participate to win $50 Gift Cards on their Facebook and Twitter contests on Tuesday and Friday at noon respectively. Also on Friday you can find an album on their Facebook page with items you may already have so you take the pic post it on their wall and you will get a surprise. Don’t miss the chance. Here another picture of my Candle so cool:



For the Essie prize I won,I only had to Like their Facebook page and give them some info like my shoe size, email and name.image

I hope I can win something else in the future. Thanks for reading.


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