I’m Back!

I have been so out of the blogosphere!

Hello there again! Because of many changes in my life this past year (2013), I have a new address! That’s nice right? Plus I have a day job that it’s really demanding (sad is not well $paid$), I like my job, it might be a boring office job but I like it.
And you know what else I like? Fashion and beauty of course!
My first New Year Resolution is to write more, no matter what. We all need a way to vent out and share our thoughts, since no body in my circle of friends likes fashion or beauty as much as I am (I believe my interest is above average) I need a way out for all my stylish thoughts. You all don’t know yet how much I love fashion and beauty and this year I will show you, so be prepared because I have a lot to share.


I want to share with you that on December I was a bridesmaid, a friend from College got married and I got to wear a red dress, which is not my color of choice but I had to be there so, I put on a brave face and go for it. Since I was very hesitant about the color I just got a dress the very last minute like 2 days earlier and I wasn’t happy with it.


This year I will be a very conscious bridesmaid, because my cousin is getting married in October! So happy for her!
She is planning a very traditional/romantic wedding so I’m very happy because I know I will love the color of the dress (kind of pink) and I will feel very comfortable that day.

Well, you’ve been warned I will write more and more!




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