Spring Scent

Spring is coming and we need to prepare. We have to choose a new fragrance to feel the new season. I have a suggestion: Daisy by Marc Jacobs!

To celebrate the coming of spring and to share* my love for fragrance, particularly Daisy by Marc Jacobs, I made a party. The weather was perfect to have an outside party so I placed everything in the patio to get the party started.

The table

The table

I love to wear fragrance with flowers as the main ingredient and spring is the perfect time to wear those kind of notes in your perfume. If you are thinking of trying a new one for the upcoming season or can’t wait for it to arrive and want to try a new fragrance ASAP try Daisy by Marc Jacobs or Daisy Eau So Fresh you will love it as everyone at the party.
We had some fresh fruit and pink lemonade while “attempting” to make bracelets. We tried the fragrances and share some tips to wear it and talk about what we like about Daisy.
The first thing everyone notice is the shape of the bottle and then when trying it they loved the scent, the violet notes of this fragrance feels romantic, femenine, fresh and confident, you can feel like if you already are in spring with this light flowery scent.
My favorite tips to wear fragrance: spray the fragrance in front of you and walk through it so you get the scent all over, and spray a little in your hair so every time you move your hair you and everyone aro will notice the scent.

Pretty bottles

Pretty bottles

We had a really good time, but at first it was a little weird because the attendants, thought I was trying to sell them the fragrance and other beauty items. They were surprised by the kind of party we were having. When I told them the beads were there so we get to make bracelets they were a little hesitant but we did our best to accomplish the mission.
If you feel crafty you can try to make the Daisy bracelets, here is a link to see how to make it.

So now tell me what’s your favorite fragrance to wear on spring?
Do you like to try new scents?
How often do you change your fragrance?

Next time you go to the mall check Daisy you will be surprised.


*I joined Crowdtap and get to participate in an activity to host a party for Daisy by Marc Jacobs and was provided with items for decoration, the fragrances and samples to share with the attendants to the party. The opinions and experiences shared in this post are my own and was not influenced by anyone.


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